Coffee shop game


Press left mouse button to play the game.

Coffee shop is a puzzle simulation game.  You will have a coffee shop of your own here. Then you will take care of the shop and use your exclusive formula to make delicate and delicious coffee, which will bring beautiful experience to customers and harvest more customers’ hearts and stomachs.  Have the courage to run a coffee shop?

Coffee shop’s game operations

In the Coffee shop, all operations are carried out through the mouse. Click the left key to purchase the materials you want and complete the game guide.

Coffee shop’s game content

As the owner of a coffee shop, you will use the basic US$ 30 to buy materials for making coffee.  Then when the business is officially starting, you can set a price for your coffee, and a reasonable price for your coffee can better attract customers’ buying hearts.  At the time of sale, the quality of coffee can be adjusted according to the customer’s purchase response, to make exquisite and unique delicious coffee.

Coffee shop’s game features

The Coffee shop will summarize the daily operation and hope you can make progress day by day.  The picture is exquisite and real. You can see the actual reaction of customers when drinking coffee.  And here you can adjust the formula according to the customer’s responsibility to make the taste that the customer likes.  Come to the Coffee shop to challenge your business skills.

Are you interested in business? In the Coffee shop, you can choose a location and then run a coffee shop to make the tastes that the guests like. To run the store, you must make a daily budget and prepare the relevant ingredients. Or, if you are tired from running, you can come to daily sudoku to make your brain easier and more transparent, making the whole person clearer by thinking about filling in the numbers.

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